It's a snow day
I think I might go on a small Hiatus until I get my grades up


(I have been under pressure and because of this, I am kinda losing my touch. So I guess depending on how bad things really are, this may or may not be my last post until the end of the quarter. I promise to return, I just need a bit of time to de-stress, and at the moment, I have been falling back to my very first fandom which is Pokemon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, when I return I promise to pick up a few rps and get back into being active. I’ll still keep an eye on some of you guys, so don’t think I am ignoring everyone)

(And I know my activity has been faltering for a while, now you guys know why. Sorry about this.)

"Sorry I have been gone for a while. But I’m back again. So how is everyone?"

Just changed my picture

(Thought it needed a change)

Jack is on Omegle

(tags are; Rotg, Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost)


(Guys… *sobs* I am in the most feelsy rp ever. Jack is the only Guardian alive. Jamie has stopped believing. And the only believers left are the small handful in burgess. Pitch is winning… Jack might have to join Pitch just to save Jamie… that’s all he has left… Jamie and Baby Tooth. HELP. THE FEELS!)

"So I hear we won an award"

"Now everyone, don’t get mad if we only get one or two. Be happy that we got something. And be supportive towards those who aren’t as fortunate as us"


I’ve been seeing a lot of fanarts of Jack combining with Pitch and i thought hey what if Jack combines with the other guardians as well. Amazing how different hair color can change the way a person looks.


Another Jack Frost set. :3


Another Jack Frost set. :3


To MY first believer by ~mirror62626




As the first one to recognize Jack as something real, I would think Jamie would have a personal guardian throughout his lifetime :)

whoo hoo I managed to fit this in a bit before new years day!! as my last art piece of the year, i am hoping to many more in the future. have a great 2013 everyone!!


I’m frickin sobbing..